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BASICS: The Trump Crypto game is easy to learn and fun to play. The basic concept is you pick the cryptos you think will perform best over a set period of time. You are allocated a starting budget in which you then allocate a percentage(%) for each crypto until you reach 100%, and that is your potfolio for the game duration. One of your picks, you designate as your "Trump Crypto", which you don't assign a percentage(%). During the week, you can swap your Trump Crypto for a lesser performing pick before the designated Trump Crypto End Date. The Trump Crypto then takes the percentage(%) of the crypto in which it replaced. Playing the Trump Crypto is optional. When the game ends, the player with the largest increase from the beginning budget is the winner.

POINTS: You can earn points just for playing games. For every game you play, you automatically earn 1 point(s). Also, points are awarded based on your performance in the game. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, as well as those placing in the Top 5% or Top 10% of participants earn more points. The more points you accumulate, the better your chances in the Weighted Draw. Please reference the points guide on this page for more information on points awarded.

TEAMS: You can join and play on teams to see how you fare among your friends and challenge other teams. You can also create your own teams. If you place 1st on the team, you can earn additional point(s). NOTE: You can join multiple teams, however, for each game, when making your picks, you have to select ONE team to play on for that game, and you cannot change teams after the game starts, and you are free to play on a different team in the next game.

CHALLENGES: There is the potential of three different types of challenges for each game, for each you will earn 1 point if you win the challenge. 1.) You challenge another player and they accept; 2.) A player challenges you and you accept; 3.) The team leader on the team in which you choose to play, challenges another team and they accept. NOTE: Team Trump always challenges Team Putin, so if you play on either of those team, you are guaranteed a chance to win the team challenge. For other teams, there must be a minimum number of players playing on the team for that game to be able to make and accept challenges as well as earn points for Team Winners. Currently, the minimum number of players on a team is 10 to qualify for points and challenges.

MORE: Other points to consider

  • Start/End Date: Most games will be one week in length but on some occasions a game will be listed for a shorter or longer timeframe. NOTE: The Start/End dates listed are preliminary date/times. Usually there is a slight delay of up to 15 minutes from the listed time to when our cron job runs in the background to officially start/end the game.
  • Trump Crypto: Most games will be designated as "Trump Crypto" games. This means that one of your crypto picks will not be counted in your total when the game starts. You don't assign a % allocation for this crypto. If during the course of the game and BEFORE the Trump Crypto play date, you want to swap your Trump Crypto for a lesser performing crypto in your portfolio, you can make that switch. Keep in mind, this cannot be reversed, once you play your Trump crypto, you cannot revert back, so decide carefully.
  • Auto Players: Trump Crypto uses auto-players (bots) to ensure there are a minimum number of players to enable all game play such as main team Challenges (Trump vs. Putin), and to ensure an adequate number of players to justify the Top 5% and Top 10% point awards. Auto Players make random picks, and will never use their "Trump Crypto", so will always be at a disadvantage. Also, Auto Players are excluded from winning the designated Awards in any Games or the Weighted draw. If an Auto Player wins the game, the award will still be awarded to the first place Real Player finisher.
  • Weighted Draw: The more points you earn in the game, cumulatively, the better your chances in the Weighted Draw. Each point represents one ticket in the draw. You can see your current odds, and view the code we use to select the winner on the Weighted Draw page.


Points are awarded in for different actions and performance in the game, below is a guide of the current points structure. We reserve the right to adjust the points scale in the future if conditions change. Points increase your chances in the weighted draw, the more points you have the better your chances.

Action/Performance Points
Playing a Game 1
* Placing 1st Overall 5
* Placing 2nd Overall 4
* Placing 3rd Overall 3
* Placing Top 5% Overall 2
* Placing Top 10% Overall 1
* Placing 1st on Qualifying Team 1
* Placing Top 5% on Qualifying Team 1
Winning Individual Challenge 1
Winning Team Challenge 1

* You can only win one of the performance based point awards, whichever is the highest. For example, if you place First overall, you will get those points, but not the points for placing Top 5% or Top 10% (lesser number of points).